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April 25, 2013
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CeeT- Page 51 by Angelus19 CeeT- Page 51 by Angelus19



Candace: The following night, Doofenshmirtz gathered all the city to announce his new "supreme leader of the entire tri-state area" self-promoted role.

Candace: But Vanessa warned us about it being a trap, and asked us to stay home. And was for the best.
Candace: unfortunately, we were able to warn just a few and Doof fired a first beam to the city.

Candace: Ferb was able to create a force field so we weren't affected.

Candace: That first beam was the worst. It erased any trace of life before Doof, everyone assumed he was the undisputed leader.
Candace: And no one doubst about it, even today.

Candace: And he fired a second ray to the rest of the world, making everyone forget that there was a place once named "Danville".

Candace: We were safe, but also scared.
And sad.

Candace: As far for my parents, we didn't tell them ahything about Ferb's force field that allowed us to remember everything.
Candace: We thought it was best for them to forget that they couldn't see one of their sons anymore.

Candace: Then Doof put a chip on everyone that works as idenfication and means of payment. We don't have that chip, that's why we are hidden at this old warehouse. Amanda brings news about everything that happens outside, faking she's on Doof's guard and brings here everything that's useful.

Marie: You mean you only stay here day after day? Self-locked? The only people on the planet that know the truth and you don't even try? What happened with your spirit?

Buford: Of course we've tried, but our planes to take the city back haven't know, successful.

???: Good night. I can see you have visitors.

Candace: Oh, I am sorry, did we wake you up?

*Empty space: YAY! It was time for him to show up!*
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